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This is most likely why you are here.

Convergence 26 will be in Louisville, KY after the pandemic, when it's safe for lots of people to gather in relatively small spaces and breathe at each other again. Hopefully that will be in 2022.

Further updates can be found in Convergence_News, and on other websites.

Information about past Convergences can be found on the Convergence page. Links to sites with photos from past Convergences can be found under Gallery_sites.

If you are looking to VOTE, register to vote, anything to do with voting, please go back three spaces, I mean go directly to the voter page.

So What's This All About Then Anyway?[edit]

The alt.gothic wiki also known as alt.gothic's Wiki featuring Axel (Where Sloot Writes All the Pages and Does All the Work)

Wherein we explain what alt.gothic and its well loved child Convergence are all about, how they work, who did what to whom, where, when & how.

Possibly with incriminating pictures.

This isn't Wikipedia so don't write the way you would there. Check out the Alt.Gothic Wiki Style Guide for how to do things, or just write. The result is likely the same.

Brought to you in part by:

  • Carrie Monster - Chief Bullseye, herds the goths, does the talking, gets all the shit, doesn't get appreciated.
  • Peter H. Coffin - Makes the technology go.
  • kest is avian.
  • Jola is a jerk but she does stuff.
  • Spacekadt is helpful.
  • sloot - runs around editing shit without thinking or asking for approval.
  • Ashbet - retired Bullseye


  • Axel - retired from being the Bullseye to spend more time with his Better Martini collection, but occasionally pops in to edit things, like a less hairy sloot!
  • Siobhan - retired from being the Bullseye to better save her incipient geezerhood.
  • Macross - retired from being the Bullseye to learn about the birds, the bees and barbecued meat.
  • Xthlc - handed the reins to Macross.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started[edit]

CONvergence SF Con[edit]

For information about the science fiction convention CONvergence held annually in Minnesota, please visit the CONvergence-con website.


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