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This pages explains and describes the timeline for determining who will put on future alt.gothic Convergences℠ and where they will be.

What Is alt.gothic Convergence℠?

Convergence℠ is explained on it's own page, but we feel it's worth reiterating the core purpose here. alt.gothic Convergence℠ is the annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends. It has grown to include members of the myriad Gothic/Industrial online and social media groups it spawned. Hundreds of net.goths from around the globe and their friends squish into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, musical events and sweet debauchery.

Bid Selection Process

There are 3 steps to getting a bid chosen to be a Convergence:

  1. Bids are entered.
  2. The C*B*L and The People™ discuss and vet the bids to ensure they are within the bounds of reason<ref>We may well look askance at a bid that looked like Glastonbury for example</ref> and fulfill the requirements.
  3. The voters vote for the bid they want to go to.

The events occur on the dates laid out in the timeline


This is the official timeline. It is not necessarily how things WILL work, but how they SHOULD. Keep an eye on alt.gothic, alt.gothic.convergence and this website for updates to this information. We are not getting paid to do this and we do have day jobs so sometimes shit happens.

Convergence 26 Timetable


Now for the message you've all been waiting for! It's time, once again, to throw your bats in the ring and start submitting any proposal you may have for Convergence number 26!

Email carriemonster@gmail.com or shoot Carrie Gough a private Facebook message and we can help you get on the way to a glorious party. The C*B*L exists to help! If you have any questions, ask ask ask.

The timeline for C26 bid proposal and voting goes like this

Saturday July 6 2019

Submission Deadline

By this date, Bidding Committees must have submitted their Bid Proposals and preliminary event budgets to The C*B*L for inclusion on the ballot. They will have a web account set up on altgothic.com to host their proposal web sites and site credentials will be sent to bid committees.

See the Bids page for information on how to create and submit a Convergence proposal.

Note that the person that submits the bid will be the point of contact with The C*B*L. Any references to a Committee Chair in the process refer to that person.

Saturday July 13 2019

Bids Go Live

Bidding Committees *must* post their Bid Proposals to the alt.gothic.* news groups and they may open their web sites to the public. Posting to regional mailing lists, web communities, blogs, social media etc. is acceptable but not essential. If you don't have a newsfeed that can access alt.gothic, Google can help you out. (It would be in the bid's BEST INTERESTS to post everywhere! Convergence FB group, altgothic FB group, LJ, Tumblr, Twitter, anywhere and everywhere you can think of!)

Discussion Begins The denizens of alt.gothic discuss their ideals and reservations regarding the bids. Committees answer questions. Bids may be rejected by consensus if they do not please the people, although they are no longer required to be specifically ratified. Bids and bid websites may be updated during this period, but changes should be clearly noted (perhaps a separate clarifications page or a changelog, or announced to the public via Facebook/alt.gothic).

Saturday July 20 2019

Discussion Period Ends

Speak now or forever shut it!

The Bidding Committees may no longer make any changes to their bids and the proposal websites are frozen.

Sunday July 21 2019

Voting Period Begins

Voting opens at MIDNIGHT UTC and proceeds into Sunday. That means it opens at Saturday 8 PM US EDT, 5 PM PDT.

Rock the vote!! The people decide!!

Want to vote but can't remember the URL? Here it is: http://www.altgothic.com/voter/

You no longer need a key! All instructions are on the page but contact Peter Coffin if you have trouble.

Sunday July 28 2019

Voting Period Ends

Voting closes at MIDNIGHT UTC from Sunday. That means it closes at Sunday 8 PM US EDT, 5 PM PDT. US voters will find voting closed if they attempt Sunday evening.

Results will be reviewed and tallied.

Monday July 29 2019

Committees Notified of Results

The C*B*L notifies the Chairs of the bids of the results.

After the winners have accepted: EVERYONE KNOWS!

So now let's get to work! Throw your mittens around your kittens and away we go!!

Looking forward to an excellent bidding season!

The Selected Bid

The selected bid will be announced following the closing of voting and verification of the counted votes. At that time, an announcement will be posted to the alt.gothic.* news groups and [altgothic.com]. The authority for planning and execute one Convergence in accordance with the published proposal along with permission to use the Convergence service mark subject to The C*B*L's ongoing approval will then be transferred to the selected committee.

Previous Convergence Bid Selection Timelines

Previous Timelines


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