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alt.gothic is where we started talking, arguing & flirting. You can find it on Usenet<ref>It's not hard</ref>. We may or may not be goths depending.


It appears to have been started on 01 November 1991 by Laura Lemay<ref>The power of stupid macros validates that they are the same person</ref>. The oldest posts Google has are from the 4th of November, but a couple of them are responses to what appear to be posts on the 2nd.

The charter & request to create a.g was posted to alt.config by Eldritch the thrillseeker, who posted out of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on 30 October 1991.

The first "Is x gothic?" post was on 03 November 1991. In this case x = Fields of the Nephilim, and someone asked in a non-troll like fashion if SoM were Goth.

The first"What is goth?" post was at 17:27 on 04 November 1991.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

After A While[edit]

Three years later, some of the regulars had the bright idea that doing this in the same physical location with alcohol & music would be a really good idea.

Hence, Convergence


If you want to know more about the group, read the alt.gothic FAQ v4.0.0.1 beta or v4.0.4 "Finding a sickness you like"<ref>This page should probably be orphaned...</ref>

Technical Stuff[edit]

Alt.gothic is a USENET newsgroup for goths. USENET is an absolutely huge discussion for virtually anything, started in 1979. A newsgroup is a subject-oriented subsection of USENET. has a general discussion of how to get yourself hooked up to USENET. Many ISPs already maintain USENET news servers available for their customers' use without additional charge, and many news clients are available for free or very low cost as well.

For those without the interest to maintain a separate tool for reading the newsgroup, there are several alternatives:


A lot of us use Facebook so somebody created an alt.gothic page on it. Because most people have different identities on it than they did on Usenet, there's a page to translate called So We Know Who The Hell We Are.


Divergence - Some of the regulars couldn't make it to Convergence IV so they organised a meet up on IRC instead. This is before the days of webcams, wireless or even affordable laptops so usenet was very quiet on Convergence weekends in those days.


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