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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a splinter group of alt.gothic and has caused much consternation because of it. Some people on alt.gothic did not want to read fashion-related posts and were happy to shunt such threads in the direction of a.g.f. However, with the explosion of the alt* hierarchy, some systems have stopped adding new alt* groups, so the access to a.g.f is far from universal. Thus, some fashion topics wander over to alt.gothic by mistake, but it can't be helped.

So for those who can find it, is here for you to discuss all aspects of gothic fashions and styles. In this newsgroup, the topic of 'gothic fashion' often includes clothing, makeup, hair dye, sewing, arts and crafts, home decor, historical clothing and weaponry, fetishes and fashion, what people are wearing, how people react to one's outfits, what makes people dress they way they do, what to wear to specific functions, how to get more out of one's gothic lifestyle, evolution of gothic styles, etc.

General gothic discussions also happen here, although anything not directly connected to gothic fashion should have "OT" (short for "off-topic") in the subject line of the post.

Aside from generally keeping to the topic, we have few set rules, not too much flaming, and a good beat so you can dance to it.

References: FaQ, 2005 version.